The Nountaineer

I have spent my adult life struggling to manage all of the pain and suffering that arose for a variety of reasons in my life from childhood and I am slowly making progress. This outlet called blogging is also helpful because I have a great desire to share my very unusual, even “Supernatural” life experiences. This includes decades of study with the hope of helping other people learn to manage as well as correct their path in life. This encompasses spiritual, mental, and emotional and to help them to find the direction that we all truly need. Even though we may not be aware of those needs, they often exist. My life has been a great struggle that has even driven me to not only consider suicide but attempt it as well!!! I intend to SHARE AS MUCH AS I CAN without revealing too much. I was about 22 years old. I was taking anti-depressants, as I recall and nothing seemed to work to alleviate my suffering and one day I saw my ex-wife who was responsible for much of this and that was a good part of the trigger that prompted me to swallow a couple of full bottles of strong pills and then went to sleep in my car outside of my mother’s house. You see, my mother played a big part in my decision to end it all at her house because she played a major role in my destruction, mentally emotionally as well as psychologically with the major role that my ex-wife contributed to together. It was similar to a tag team of hate! For those of you who might be suffering difficulty, I must caution you to absolutely forget any ideas of harming yourself or anyone else! It is not worth the pain and sorrow that you will actually, not only cause yourself when you wake up in Hell but it will also not do anything to get even with those who have caused you all of the pain and suffering that you are experiencing! You will be the big loser, not them! Suicide is NEVER a Good choice even when you think that there is no other choice available! Give it some time and even ask GOD to help you through this difficult period of time! God is the only answer but you must be patient because God works on His own timetable not ours. These things eventually work themselves out if you will trust God! Give it some time!

Life is full of Struggles that at times seem to have no solution at all! I know first hand, because I have been through the worst kind of pain and suffering, even unto attempting suicide. No counselor can provide that which we truly need. And what is it that can truly meet our needs? Only a personal relationship with your Creator who loves more than you can comprehend! But who is He anyway? He is found in the Oldest Book  that we have today, even The Bible! Only The Bible can answer your questions with answers that are eternal! It is full of answered prophetic utterances that prove that Jesus is the promised one who fulfilled more than 300 prophetic references in the Old Testament, and who will fulfill the ones that are yet to come! Give your life to The God of The Bible and you will find “Eternal Life“! Believe me because He has revealed Himself to me personally! Just start to read my other blogs to get a better understanding. Feel free to ask me and I will  gladly send you an answer to your questions, if at all possible. Just leave your email address which will be kept private. My email is :