The Nountaineer

I would like to share with you my many very unusual, even Supernatural experiences that The GOD of Creation has been so gracious as to allow me to experience, even see things that would boggle the mind! That is exactly what has happened to me. I have been given the “Spiritual Gift” called “Spiritual Discernment” which is at least one of the described “Spiritual Gifts that are described in the New Testament as provided by the “Holy Spirit” at the time of “Conversion” or the “New Birth”. I have seen demons and even Satan himself. I have seen “Signs  and Wonders” that are mentioned in the Bible nd these experiences were actually foretold through a “Vision” that was given to me by an elderly man when I was 30 years old. This is the point when God stepped into my life in an incredible way! Life has never been the same since!

It is my hope to share these miraculous events and experiences with all who are interested in learning about the God of ALL Creation! This is simply an introduction that I hope will inspire to inquire about. In other words, I welcome you to ask all of the questions that you like and if they are within the 20 plus years of intense study about the Bible and the God of the Bible who has inspired me to write these blogs and the posts that they contain. So ask away! I have studied under some of the best Bible expositors in the world for decades and want to help you to learn the TRUTH in the midst of so very much deception and lies about every area of our existence!